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Last January 9th we had our first news and published some posts on Zxing (the 2D codes reader hosted at Google Code platform) and we have been following the project that it’s moving on.

Last Friday Daniel Switkin, one of the project responsibles, told us they just launched their own QR-Code generator.


It has two interesting features we had never seen before:

  • Geolocalization. Generates a code containing 2 coordenates.
  • Add an event calendar. Generates an entry to your calendar.

We have been testing quite a few readers and generators ourselves, but it’s hard to find valid codes for all handsets/readers. And there goes the question: What’s wrong? The code, the reader or the phone?

Our answer is: the three of them.

Nowadays there are several readers and generators that are not speaking the same language and this lack of standards is making hard to communicate and demonstrate to future users of the codes its potential.

Organizations such as, OMA -Open Mobile Alliance (members, check them out), GSM World or the Mobile Codes Consortium (main operators and handset companies) are working on interesting projects related with standards, etc.

We all should keep track of their work: marketing people (eventhough we don’t read a thing), readers and generators developers and companies working on business models based on QR-Codes.

We’ll try to work on a post collecting all these iniciatives. If you have any doc or idea you want to share we will be thankful.

Gracias Daniel for your info and good luck!

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