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WhatsApp announced yesterday that it will be free for life.

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp from the browser on your PC?

How to do it

1 – Go to http://web.whatsapp.com
2 – You will see a QR on your screen *
3 – Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
4 – Click on the settings icon
5 – Capture your screen QR
6 – Done! You can now use WhatsApp from your PC

Now you can put on your favorite Whatsapp and forget typing on the the phone 🙂

The truth is we had already tried this feature a while ago, but either the terminal (initially was not available for iPhone by restrictions in iOS) version of WhatsApp, connection issues, the service was not practical enough. On the occasion of this post we have retested and the result is excellent.

For small businesses that are using WhatsApp as a means of communication with customers, suppliers and even as a sales channel can be a very interesting solution.

* Changes every 15 seconds for safety. Dedicated to all those who say that the QR will not be used because they are not sure;)


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