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We are seeing day after day more an more QR-Codes on different commercial supports. And this is just the beginning.

One of the most common mistakes we are seeing is to use QR-Codes without telling what’s on them, what amb I going to get if I scan it? A video, a catalogue, an mp3 file?

The “mistery effect” or an appeal to curiosity may eventually make sense, but in any case has to be the rule. Can you imagine magazines full of ad saying something like “Call 1-800-xxxx and we will surprise you!”

We don’t like using “anti-examples” because companies using QRs are innovating and deserve nothing but #respect, but there are a bunch of ads out there with little QR-Codes placed at the corner of the page with no explanation whatsoever.

Most of the time a couple of lines saying “Capture the QR and listen to their last song” or “Capture and watch the trailer” will help the user to decide whether he is interested in the content or not. It will probably increase the amount of captures and improve conversion. Call-to-action have to be clear and direct.

We don’t think that reader will feel like Brad Pitt on Seven and shout “What’s in the box?!!” holding up their smartphone, but sometimes a little hint may help.

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