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So far in Spain we have just seen shy tries on 2D Code usage and without using all the possibilities of QR amb mobile internet. To innovate has its price and its risk, but those who have done so and have sone it right are starting to see the payback (payback, nice word on recession times).

Today we found out (thank you Jose Luis) that Vueling has launched an QR-Code based on-line check-in system. 

Summary: you buy your ticket online, recieve an MMS with a QR-CODE on it. When going through security  control and check-in showing the MMS will be enough. You’ll still have to carry an ID/Passport until we tatoo our front-heads with a QR-Code ;).This will save lots of paper-stuff and make the process more efficient (another great word nowadays).

Vueling has gone a little bit further. Other companies in Spain and all over the world started MMS check-in based strategies (ej. Spanair), but through Vueling you can now buy tickets through you mobile phone (http://m.vueling.com or straight thorugh a QR-Code).

We are sure we will soon see QR-Codes on printed media (newspapers, walls, etc.) showing links to mobile versions of ecommerce sites and direct offers (Ex. Fly BCN-MAD for 50€. Capture this code now!).

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