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Filloy sent us yesterday a link to a video where we can see the last Martini campaign starring Monica Belucci published in the Russian edition of Vogue magazine.

The surprise is that every magazine includes a flat screen in/on a page and when you browse the page of the ad it automatically launches de video. Cool!

[iframe_youtube video=”Rmryd4BBGvI”]

But, has  Martini advertising people ever heard about QR-Codes? They could have inserted a QR linking to the video and they would have saved some rubles. They could have even measured the impact!

We are not that naiv  😉 and we obviously understand it is a “Wow!” action, that their goal is to be notorious and that they are not looking for profitability in this ad. Thay want to publish (and the have) the first printed video ever.

However, it is also one more evidence that traditional printed media (newspapers and magazines) have an urge to reinvent themselves, look for new added values and if necessary new business models.

If your last name is Murdoch, you are a newspaper editor, a journalist, an advertiser and want to know more about what  QR-Codes can add up to this reinvention process contact us: QR-Planet. We have already done it with some client, now we want to do it with you.

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