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We see that another big player using QR-Codes: Twitter.

In order to promote the use of its platform in the mobile environment, they invite to download their application on your smartphone.

Just like many other sites to download mobile applications Twitter uses QR-Codes for a more effective call-to-action and simplify the task.

We are glad to see that the use of QR is spreading among big ones. Thus cristical mass will be reached faster.

2 comments twitter (by the way, will twitter twitter account? -PAUSE-  Yes, they have their own http://twitter.com/twitter, 5M users)

  • You are not applying the code correctly. It lacks of the reserve area (“quiet zone” according to Denso-wave) and it is harder to the software to read the code.
  • What out for the Spanish version. On your Spanish version (#thankyou) the translations are correct but the lenght of the text causes longer lines that doesn’t fit in the DIVs (#attention)

We will notify them of these via @ twitter to see if they fix it;)

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