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From this informative and research blog we are not qualified to technically evaluate which is the best solutions (but this is the least important). The question is that this technology is about to come and it will rock.

Nowadays the are two main players:

* QR-Code – Densowave – JIS / ISO
* Datamatrix – Siemens AG – ISO

Behind them, there some other players with more commercial purposes on the short-term (Ex. Shotcode). There is another critical aspect: the patents. We are plannig to work on a post about it.

THe MC2 Mobile Consortium is gathering companys from communication, software, telecommunications, etc….and set standards regarding de codes and its contents.

An interesting Publics study insisits on this need of standarization in order to launch this tecnology properly.

┬┐Does anyone know or has any idea about the situation right now?

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