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Yesterday we were given this brochure encouraging participation through the draw for a trip (let’s do it!).

In order to participate you have to capture a QR-Code and fill out a simple form with your name, email and phone, obviously you become part of a database, etc.., but the promotion is clear, simple and straightforward.

When capturing the QR user accesses http://ahora.preparatuequipajeconorange.com/, a mobile-friendly website where he/she can enter the draw, interact with the brand and link to their social networks, etc. from the smartphone.

This is another example of a big company betting on QR-Codes and this happens every day.

These actions are every time better executed. In the case of orange “call to action” is compelling, attractive and technically and is well done. However, they are not using any tracking-system (they could measure the impact in different areas and/or supports if they did) they are not respecting the “quiet-zone” of the code but they are just beginning to squeeze QR-Codes potential.

It seems that both this campaign and Telef√≥nica’s, on which recently we posted about, are and evidendes carriers put aside a supposed agreement by which they would use a common system of proprietary 2D codes (EZcode / Bidi) in favor of an open system as QR-Codes.

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