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The following QRs are direct download links to the 2D code reader i-nigma through major download platforms for mobile apps.

We are noticing that several websites are using QR-Codes (thanks LoBo ) to direct users to download applications for their smartphones:

On this page we see three different ways to download an application: http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/tools/inigma_flmy_download.htmlThis reinforces recent statistics that we recently read in Marsh Internet Research in Japan (via translation and Roger ). Data is not very unrepresentative, however it points out trends and behaviors.


Although a QR-Code on the screen may initially seem an application without much sense (“If I’m on the internet what do I want a QR for?”) the concept of “Capture and download”, either on paper or on screen, opens up many possibilities and who knows if even new business models. We think it does.

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