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Quarking Password Manager is the new password manager that facilitates the access to your keys completely secure from any device, anywhere.

An easy, secure and innovative application available for computers through its extension and smartphones and tablets from the Quarking App.

BCNQuark is a company dedicated to the technology sector, responsible of the authentication protocols development. BCNQuark offers free its extension and its App for all ages, as a way of promoting their corporate services to companies.

Quarking Password Manager is designed to be used from the Google Chrome browser, but it can be used from any browser through my.quarking.com or creating an account from the Quarking App:

  • The entire privacy of Quarking, which has no access to the personal information of its users
  • Quarking doesn’t require registration to create an account
  • To access to a Quarking account, it isn’t required a master password, only to scan is a QR code with the Quarking Password Manager App scanner.
  • It’s possible to add as many websites, usernames and passwords as it is liked
  • Quarking provides the autologin to access to the saved websites
  • Quarking offers create a secure password automatically
  • Quarking has the advantage of linking a Quarking account with all the selected devices (smartphones and tablets)

You can watch their corporate video about why a password manager should be used, and specifically Quarking, and how to get started easily to create an account.

Available download: www.quarking.com:

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