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We begin today a series of Quick Response interviews whicch we are going to call QR-Interviews, to professionals in organizations that have already started somehow to use QR-Codes.

Responde: Pablo de Porcioles, Director de desarrollo de negocio de eDreams

 Has this company performed any actions using QR-Codes? Would you briefly describe those actions to us? We started to use QR-Codes last year in offline communication campaigns either with communication campaigns or promotional actions. We have developed QR-Codes with external media (airports and buses) and with big consumer companies.

What were the objectives of these actions? Our primary objective was to encourage the use of the mobile applications for eDreams under the search of flights and hotels. It consists of an application that allows users to dispose of every service that the company offers and it also includes an internal alarm system that informs, of plausible last minute modification from airline companies.

We consider the telephone mobile as an efficient media tool that our customers and subscribers use with frequency and we thought that through the QR-Codes would imply a good opportunity to strengthen and boost the utilization of this new application.

Have you measured the impact? Can you value the results? We always measure every action that’s executed. In this case, the results were positive regarding the specific goals that were set, despite the fact that the use of QR-Codes in Spain is still under a period of development.

Does your company have any future projects in mind that include QR-Codes (that could be published in the blog)? Our strategy is to enhance these codes on promotional actions and throughout traditional methods of communication.

Do you think that the QR-Codes are in fashion or they still have a long-term path to overcome? There are countries were you could easily tell that there’s an active use, in the case of Spain there’s still a long path to overcome. It’s necessary that the market encourages it, that the companies actively use it and that the final customer sees it as a usual buying habit. Also, the companies involving the mobileindustry (operators and mobile producers) should get more implicated in these types of actions.

On our behalf, eDreams is always experimenting new formats and we feel responsible for being updated with the latest technology.

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