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Today we have been listening the Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference which presented the iOS11 news. Craig Federighi, Apple SVP, closed his interventios with the next slide

After presenting the main features of the new iOS that will be available from autumn this year, Federighi closed his speech by saying

“…those are some of the major features in IOS11, of course there is more than we have time to talk about today.”

Among the lines of this slide we have been able to read with emotion, among other promising improvements: “QR-Code support”

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference – iOS11

He then highlighted a number of features that will be available to his customers in China.

From here until the launch we will have time to speculate and try to find out what Federighi meant:

“I want to highlight some features of special interest to  our customers in China like QR-Code support integrated right in the main camera and accesible from the lock screen. Super useful for customers in China.”

Is the functionality considered of special interest to the Chinese market? Will it only be available in China?


In October of 2010 we already published a post pointing that this functionality would probably be part of the operating system of the smarthpones and would be integrated in the camera. We celebrate that, little by little, the big players will simplify the reading of the QR-Codes (ex Google Chrome) that, in the long run, will open interesting possibilities of interaction with the real world and business opportunities.


Ever since iOS 8.0+ SDK, iOS native application developers have had a class to integrate a QR-Codes reader.

So far we have seen multiple examples in QR-Codes reader applications with different options (reading, creation, design, export, etc.) and many other applications that use QRs to enrich their functionality (eg: eventrbrite, Google Authenticator, others).

The availability of a QR-Codes reader on the iOS system camera can be the definitive push for the take-off of QR codes beyond the geek population.

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