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Today we suggest a series of metrics and indicators of success based on the typical conversion funnel to measure the effectiveness of an action that uses QR-Codes.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” (William Hewlett)

A good strategy for analyzing QR-Code based actions will be a key factor in the future. Using a QR-code should not be a goal in itself.


Indicators for QR-Coded campaigns

  • CPI. Cost per impact. In the case of printed media would be to the cost of the ad divided by the total number of readers. If we talk about billboards, OPIs, etc.. we should look for alternative systems to determine the CPI.
  • % Scans. That’s what we get by dividing the number of scans over the total impacts (%).It will determine the success of a campaign, suitability, we could make comparisons  between different media, etc..
  • CPS. Cost per scan. We will help determine the profitability of the campaign
  • RPS. Revenue per scan. On m-commerce cases we can figure out the ROI of the campaign. If it comes to compulsive buying  (ex Tesco), we analyze campaigns with a depth, reliability and unprecedented speed.
  • Other metrics. Depending on the goals of the campaign we can set appropriate indicators the same way we do in more advanced desktop websites in terms of metrics and analytics.

Use the minimum analytics tools (no more, no less). Do not dissipate your information

For studies including these variables it would be desirable to use the minimum of analytical tools, if the information is centralized “stories” are easier to read.

If we integrate the monitoring of actions using QR-Codes in our Google Analytics campaign (for example) and/or segment these users can draw interesting conclusions from different perspectives.

We could then study the profile of users who have entered our site via QR, their browsing patterns or even assign conversions rates. And what about an A/B testing on a newpaper edition 😉

We close the post with some questions in the near future should be of concern to marketers online and offline (if there is a difference).

  • What is the goal/s of the QR?
  • How I can increase the% of scanned QRs?
  • What if I do it bigger?
  • Do we have a good call-to-action?
  • Does the value proposition is interesting?
  • Are we exploiting the full potential of your smartphone?

Do> Measure> Do ± 1> Measure> Do ± 1 …


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