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The editors of the this blog are not only innovation and new technology enthusiasts (AKA geeks), but we are also professional magicians (AKA even geeker). True story.

We have:

However it does not make us better magicians.

We are really exited today, since we have published our first App about Magic in the Apple Store, called “Magia para todos”. In this app, which we made for children and adults, we explain over 50 magic tricks in videos.  For further information about the application go to:  www.magiamagia.com/app. In order to promote and let people know about it we are using different ways and channels. Among them there are of course: QR-Codes.

Because it is a “virtual product” that will be “sold and used” on a mobile we do believe that QR is one of the most direct, natural and hopefully effective ways. It is an attractive “call to action” on screen  and of physical world as well, and we can measure its impact in each case.

The fact that theere are multiple app markets, a lack of reliable information and no real sales indicators makes launching an app quite a complex and incertain task (at least for us). We have planned on-line (inside and outside App Store) and off-line actions.

If anyone has any experience, idea or just want to help us out with the launch is more that welcome.

As alway we face the challenge willing to learn and hoping (like all iOS developers) to become the next Angry Birds 😉


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