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Yesterday we found out thanks to Roger’s blog from Kaywa that Google has launched their Print Ads 2D Barcodes.

Everything we have written in this blog now loses all its sense (if it has ever had any). All of the hypothesis and predictions must be left behind.

QR have succeeded and they now are part of Google. Let the QR-party begin!


Today’s post title is paraphrasing “I shop therefore I am” by Barbara Krueger (http://www.barbarakruger.com/) who also paraphrased “I think therefore I am” that a guy named Descartes said once (he has not a website so we cannot link ;).

exclama.gif “Bonus-track”

For what we see in their page, Google is planning to capilarize into the physical world. At the same time they are presenting QR codes the offer their services as a traditional paper-based agency.

Whoa, what a day!

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