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We are very used to having devices interacting, exchanging information and/or controlling one another (Ex. wireless earphones, remote controls, AirPlay, hands free kits, garage keys, etc.)

So far, technologies involved in the device pairing or communicating process have been: IR (Infrared), Bluetooth, magnetic bands among others. In all these cases the link or pairing process usually happened off-line and was taking place “in situ”.

 It looks like QR-Codes are creating a new playing field. A new and smarter way to do things. Whenever a device has the ability to capture and process an image (Ex. smartphone) it can capture a QR and do so many things other than just going to a URL, adding a contact, create an SMS, etc.

If your can pair two (or more) devices using a QR-Code and manage the interaction by an online server possibilities are endless.

We recently started using in our presentations a very cool App: de Mobo. It’s free and available both in iOS and Android markets. What does it do? Once you have set the presentation through a free Chrome extension on your computer, you are asked to scan a QR-Code on screen so the server knows which device (Ex. my iPhone) is controlling what (Ex. my presentation).

Once both devices are paired you can control the presentation you previously uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, Slideshare or Scribd you can control it with your smartphone just like if you were using a remote control. It’s even cooler than using Keynote remote 😉

There are so many scenarios were this makes so much sense. We have already seen some things but the best is yet to come:

Cameras. In a couse I gave in Logroño a student*  proposed an interesting whatif. He asked me if it is possible that a camera, let’s say Canon, can scan a QR-Code. I told him I think they can’t (yet). Because, what if you could scan a QR and your camera was automatically put to some specific mode and settings so you can take a photo (Ex. in a museum) or the content was sent to be printed to a specific printer (with a QR)? COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT!

Intelligent window displays. A teenager is looking at a Mango display and she scans a QR. Suddenly she can interact with a big screen and play with the content in real time. Browse clothes, play videos, etc. ENGAGEMENT!

Google Glass. Roger told us after we published our latest post that Google Glasses are linked to your Google Account using a QR-Code. ACTIVATION!

Chrome Experiments. As we published in this post there are already experiments to interact with the PC from your smartphone. In this case a revolutionary UX for Google+.¡INTERACTION!

Arcade machines. If you want to play, let’s say Pacman (in the ’80 smileys were eating ghosts) you could just scan a QR-Code in the screen and your smartphone becomes the controller. And what if, at the same time you scan the QR-Code you pay for the game using any mobile payment platform. No chip involved. RADICAL EFFICIENCY!

There are so much more cases we can’t event think of and again the power of QR-Codes lies in its simplicity. We love ’em and we enjoy thinking what if…

* I don’t quote him because I don’t have his contact info. If you read this post send me you web/twitter and I’ll update the post 😉

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