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It’s december, so we’ve thought it’s a good moment to set the classic good intentions for the new year: our ”new year resolutions”.

With this post, we would like to make a purpose for a common good intention for 2009: start new design on the new year thinking, a little bit more, on users with different resolutions, and from differents access devices.

On the following table, just to take one anecdothic case, there’s a distribution of qrcode.es Blog visitors based on their screen resolution.  (Source: Google Analytics)


It’s quite clear that the days when 90% of people use a 800×600 are over. We can observe also, some mobiles phones resolutions on our table, and a curious data: none of the resolution exceeds 26% rate.

So, either if we design specific websites for mobiles phones ( this is the case of the “landing pages” for the qrcodes links and its contents) or we design conventional websites,  we cannot ignore anymore the adaptation of our designs and our contents to differents access devices. Users could come from everywhere -even from QR-Codes- and we must be prepared.

For further information about how to design and think for mobiles…

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