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At CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Association)* Kodak uses QR-Codes as a marketing tool for tradeshows.

We have 11 different QR code experiences throughout our booth that deliver a variety of experiences.

Augmented product information. Some of the codes resolve to web content or videos with detailed examples, specs, and more

Booth activation: QR codes located at the shuttle bus drop-off point steers people to the Kodak booth and provides a chance to win two daily prizes comprised of great bundle of camera, pocket video camera, digital frames and more.

There is also a code that provides a detailed schedule of our “K-Zone.” This is a full set where we host conversations by industry pundits, media, technologists, and subject matter experts.

Engagement: QR codes also connect people to instructions on how to upload their pictures to the Kodak sign in Times Square. And of course there is a QR code that links people to our social efforts.



Kodak was leader 1970s-1990s in image capturing and storing markets. However, like many other big ones, have not been quick enough to align their strategy with new market needs.



In this “re-imagine” process Kodak has recovered the innovative spirit that took them to the top and they start by using QR-Codes. We are sure this is just the beggining and Kodak will rock againg.

¡Good luck!

* The are very interesting conferences at CES2011


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