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The social dimension of Whatsapp is growing  day after day and it is becoming more than an instant messaging service.

Its usability, the integration with our address book, the mobile-first approach, its gratuity and the total absence of advertising have made the an App worldwide leader.

The “Whatsapp groups” are funneling instant communication and file sharing (photos, audio and video) of our different social environments.

Lifehacker presents an interesting update in this field. From the next version of WhatsApp you may be invited or invite users to a group via a link or QR code.

The process is simple: if you are the administrator of a group you can invite WhatsApp users creating a URL that you can share on social networks, email or creating a QR-Code.

In many scenarios that seek to create a link between the real/physical world and the virtual/digital QR codes are excellent allies.


Scan this QR and you will join a test group named qrcode.es:



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