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We recently posted about the Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference where we envisioned the possibility that iOS11 (fall 2017) included QR-Codes recognition functionality in the native camera application.

Today we have had the chance (thanks Manu) to experiment with the developer version of iOS11 and finally … Yes! You can read QR-Codes using the iPhone camera.

From the camera settings you can activate / deactivate QR-Codes detection

QR Detection Camera settings Apple iPhone iOS11

In the videos below you can see an iPhone with iOS11 capturing the main types of QR: URL, map, direct call, access to Wi-Fi and vCard







¿So what?

Ever since we started QRCODE.es we have been betting that this was going to be a reality, and that it was only a matter of time that the big players were incorporating this functionality to their terminals and applications.

The availability of the native reader will bring the user a closer and simpler way to capture a QR code that will no longer need extra applications. However we still believe that QR-Codes will become mainstream when brands, agencies and marketing professionals think about creative actions / campaigns and with true added value for the user final.

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