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Ever since the launching of the new Infojobs, the leading job portal in Spain is introducing improvements and new products gradually. Earlier this year, we saw their new look & feel and they recently launched their product for local jobsite: Infojobs local

They now want to test QR-Codes (thank you David). This product is published today in its beta version.

The usage is simple. The company that wants to give exposure to its job offer in the off-line world can print a sheet of paper (PDF) with the job offer published on infojobs simply cutting + pasting the URL. This application is particularly useful for companies with storefronts, message boards, etc.

The PDF shows the information and a QR-Code at the bottom of the page links to the sign-up process.

Innovation must be a real a strategy more than a fashion and infojobs is taking it seriously. The leader must be innovative.

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