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QR-Code Management System

Create, analyze and optimize
your QR-Code campaigns in a single tool

Dynamic Codes

Change the target of your QR without having to create a new one.


Get information on your QR-Code scans and optimize your campaigns


Assign an address to your codes and make them trackeable


Design QR codes with your colors and add your logo automatically.

All included

From our platform you will manage all your QR-Codes
in a professional, flexible and autonomous way.

Crete a QR-Code

With the generator you can create a code that links to a landing page, your contact information, your social networks, video on Youtube, or any other destination.


Use it in your campaigns

Place the QR code on a product, a print ad, ionyour store, etc. Your customers can scan with their smartphones and direct access to the link destination.

Measure success

Get real time information about the number os scans, location and devices. Collect informations of your users through forms and campaigns. Measure the ROI of your actions


Turning ink into bits

Join our Whatsapp group scanning this QR-Code

The social dimension of Whatsapp is growing  day after day and it is becoming more than an instant messaging service. Its usability, the integration with our address book, the mobile-first approach, its gratuity and the total absence of advertising have made the...

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WhatsApp in your PC screen scanning a QR-Code

WhatsApp announced yesterday that it will be free for life. Did you know that you can use WhatsApp from the browser on your PC? How to do it 1 - Go to http://web.whatsapp.com 2 - You will see a QR on your screen * 3 - Open WhatsApp on your smartphone 4 - Click on the...

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The ultimate QR-Code reader

Since we launched this blog in July 2007 we have followed the evolution of the QR-Codes readers. The lack of compatible readers has been holding the development of 2D codes back as well as the lack of prepared terminals, the price of the mobile internet connection, a...

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Kodak using QRs at CES 2011

At CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Association)* Kodak uses QR-Codes as a marketing tool for tradeshows. We have 11 different QR code experiences throughout our booth that deliver a variety of experiences. Augmented product information. Some of the codes resolve to web...

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VICHY. OPIs withQR-Codes

We are seeing lately in Barcelona the  Liftactiv de Vichy campaign in bus stops and other OPIs. This campaign uses a QR-Code to link to the mobile site (http://m.liftactiv.es). It is BY FAR the best campaign we haver seen in Spain. So far we had just seen shy tries,...

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Infojobs testing QR-Codes

Ever since the launching of the new Infojobs, the leading job portal in Spain is introducing improvements and new products gradually. Earlier this year, we saw their new look & feel and they recently launched their product for local jobsite: Infojobs local They now...

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