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QR-Code Management System

Create, analyze and optimize
your QR-Code campaigns in a single tool

Dynamic Codes

Change the target of your QR without having to create a new one.


Get information on your QR-Code scans and optimize your campaigns


Assign an address to your codes and make them trackeable


Design QR codes with your colors and add your logo automatically.

All included

From our platform you will manage all your QR-Codes
in a professional, flexible and autonomous way.

Crete a QR-Code

With the generator you can create a code that links to a landing page, your contact information, your social networks, video on Youtube, or any other destination.


Use it in your campaigns

Place the QR code on a product, a print ad, ionyour store, etc. Your customers can scan with their smartphones and direct access to the link destination.

Measure success

Get real time information about the number os scans, location and devices. Collect informations of your users through forms and campaigns. Measure the ROI of your actions


Turning ink into bits

iPhone will scan QR-Code using Cam native app

iPhone will scan QR-Code using Cam native app

We recently posted about the Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference where we envisioned the possibility that iOS11 (fall 2017) included QR-Codes recognition functionality in the native camera application. Today we have had the chance (thanks Manu) to experiment with...

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QR-Codes on Apple iOS11. At least?

QR-Codes on Apple iOS11. At least?

Today we have been listening the Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference which presented the iOS11 news. Craig Federighi, Apple SVP, closed his interventios with the next slide Full video (QR-Codes 92'00") After presenting the main features of the new iOS that will...

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Alibaba.com recommends using a QR as login system

Alibaba.com recommends using a QR as login system

The largest ecommerce in the world amazon.com ebay.com alibaba.com uses QR-Codes a login system for their users. The access and identity validation process can be performed (and explicitly recommended for being more secure) by capturing a QR-Code. Operativa When...

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Twitter App creates your QR-Code

We read today that twitter has incorporated in their last App update the option to generate a QR-Code to access to your account. From the "settings" section you can generate your QR or read another user's. We just tried it and ... IT WORKS! It is not strictly a...

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QR-Codes go to School

Sectors of activity with less resources often depend on the passion, dedication and imagination of their professionals. The case of education is unfortunately a perfect example. The versatility of QR-Codes and the low / null cost of implementation make it possible to...

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WIFI connection using a QR-Code

WIFI connection using a QR-Code

One of the most unpleasant tasks in terms of usability is to type a wifi password, and even more when it is something like mine: a8f7S76S7f67S8f88s7F6s6 (uops!) This process can be simplified by creating a QR code WIFI connection. How to create a QR-code connection to...

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