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In June 2012 we posted a Debate on a LinkedIn Group called QR-Code Strategy & Creative which didn’t rise much interest. I didn’t take it personal ;).

The question was “Will QR-Codes be interpreted by Google Glases (Project Glass) or technologies alike?”

If you haven’t heard about it yet just check out this videos and you will freak out. Guaranteed.

[iframe_youtube video=”JSnB06um5r4″]

Ever since they appeared the geek community has wondered so many things about this project:

  •  What are you going to see and how is it going to look like?
  •  How are you going to control it? Voice, gestures, eye movements, brain signals?
  • Will it have earphones?, will the battery last?
  • What if you already wear glasses?
  • How will we code for them? Some info can be found on Techcruch.

Again, we have been wondering this question: will they scan/process QR-Codes?

Although they look two very different  “technologies”, they both contribute to link physical with digital world. 

QR-Codes are a non-invasive tool to ease interaction and/or bring information to a human being from the internet through their smartphone.

Google Glasses are “wearable computing devices” that will do the same thing a smartphones do in a much more immediate, intuitive and efficient manner.  Moreover, on this kind of devices, Augmented Reality will grow and develop to an extend that will never reach on a smartphone.

The actions one may take wearing this device can be classified in so many ways, but in some cases QR-Codes can become very useful.

Some examples we can think of are: open a door, pay for a coke on a vending machine, launch a audio/video file, social media actions (follow, like, add to circles, etc.)

The patent

The Glasses UX has been quite a misterious project but March 21st the patent was released by the USPTO and there is some more information to go through. Besides legal issues it’s quite an interesting document to read.

It looks that QR-Codes (13 mentions), NFC (1 mention), barcodes (4 mentions), bluetooth (5 mentions) and RFID (5 mentions) are going to help Glasses to interact with the real world.

Business opportunities

Again I’m just assuming, but I don’t believe we will be constantly “pushed” to eye-swallow information and there will be some kind of filter of what I see and what I don’t.

I’m sure that lemmon salesmen will rush to ask: is it possible to launch a pop-up whenever someone passes by and offer a discount?. They already did so when bluetooth came to town.

Bluetooth is a great way to pair devices and transmit information. Period. They are not a sales tool.

There are lots of services to be offered around Glasses and we are sure business opportunities will pop up around them.

More info:

Interesting infographic about Google Glass

CC – By http://www.brille-kaufen.org/en/googleglass/

UPDATE #01 – Roger Smolski from 2d-code.co.uk just let us know that when you get your Google GLasses started the very first thing you do is scan a QR-Code in order to link the hardware with your Google account. Thank you Roger!








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