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In May 2011 we wrote about QR-Codes, the importance of critical mass and we made a prediction/bet. Today it turned out that we were right. 🙂

Susana has told us that her latest update of the Facebook App (Android) includes an option to display a QR-Code that links to the user profile to facilitate the task: “add a friend”.

The QR code contains the link http://facebook.com/qr?id={id_facebook} which we assume will allow Facebook to track how many new friends are acquired via QR code. This will be an important insight. 😉

We hope that such actions by “the big ones” will give QR-Codes the boost they need to go from geekstream to mainstream.

Bonus track: From the screen that shows our QR-Code we have the option to launch an in-app reader to capture a QR code from another person and add him/her as a friend.

Note: we do not know how to contact the facebook team that has implemented this feature, but we will try to send them a suggestion somehow.

Instead of using http://facebook.com/qr?id={id_facebook}  they might have used http://fb.me/q/{id_facebook}. If they do so, they will save 11 precious characters and this will simplify the code structure and will improve its readability. Code is Poetry (WP)

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