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Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica hosts since the 8th July until the 5th December the exhibition “Matèria Condensada”. Interesting journey through the cooking world from a scientific perspective where the ingredients of the grandma´s recipies are broken into atoms and molecules and they react as if we were in a lab, that at the end of the day, is not that different to a kitchen.

The almost 50 areas on the exhibition are tagged with a QR-code each which gives us further information about it. We get further information, videos, photos… in an excellent mobile version of the site. It is a logical action that fits with the title and theme of the exhibition, implemented in a clear and smart way. For those visitors who dont have a smartphone, there´s a service available to borrow one and use it to follow the exhibition.It is the first time we enjoy this experience in Barcelona. We had seen examples on the Guggenheim Venice, the Australian Museum and many others. We were recently mentioning Bansky and QR.

The opportunities that QRcodes and mobile internet bring to museums in terms of communications, spreading, experience, interaction and even in the arts field, are endless.

Congratulations AA!

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