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Qrcode.es bunch moved last 9th Jannuary to Alicante with the assignment to give a lecture on the QR-Codes subject in the Camon Center (a New Technologies Center).

The talk was divided in two parts. First, we tried to explain: what a qrcode is, which was its origin and evolution, how do they work, which are the most common uses and a little ‘bits and pieces” related to this kind of codes.  And the second part was an interactive game, based on qrcodes distributed all around the city.

The video is avalaible on the camon website but only in Spanish.  In case you’re just interested on seeing our faces, it works the same.


From the blog we want to thank the organizers for trusting on us and CAMON staff. It was a really great first-time experience.

PS: It’s worth to point out something we discovered during the preparation of the lecture contents: Caja del Mediterraneo, the bank that subsidize CAMON Center, is actually using the qrcodes, too,  into their marketing campains, to promote their mobile version website.

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