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The following table shows the most relevant information about the main 2D barcodes and its pros and cons. If someone has extra information (technical, legal, etc…) or wants to point at any error we will be glad to update this post.

We also highly recommend reading this .pdf MC2 – Mobile Codes Consortium. Standards discussion.

ISO certifiedSiISO/IEC 18004:2000SiISO/IEC 16022:2000NoNoNo
Supported by MC2SiSiNoNoNo
Can be read and generated without a providerSiSiNoNoNo
Can be read without internet accessSiSiNoNoNo
Embedable informationURLTextSMSMailURLTextSMSMailURLURLURL

* Mobile Image Recognition. User captures an image which will be sent to a provider that will recognize, decode and send back the associated info.

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