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All! Yes, all of them.All colections of the notebook brand (“Legendary notebooks” as per their tagline) include a QR-code on the color sash diferentiates all Moleskine. This code links to the website of the relevant product.

The mobile version of the site is not too adapted but it is a brave and innovative action. Bravo!

Although it was the notebook that Picasso, Hemingway or Chatwin (who named them as Moleskine) used to write on, it fell into desuse and it stopped being produced. In 1997 a printer’s in Milano rescued them and with an innovative approach they brought them back to live, more than ever. They are editing color notebooks, notebooks with texture, guides, with… soul. How can someone become fan of a notebook? Well, they have over 60.000 fans in Facebook and over 7 million results come up when searching on Google.Innovation is not meant to fill articles, news or boasters’ conferences. Innovation is not told, it is done. It is an attitude that keeps and lets us feel alive.

In Moleskine they are doing it and they are doing it big. DUE COGLIONI!

Note: You could think this post has been written by one of those fans. Not at all. I prefer drawing anywhere I can and if it happens to be a notebook, much better, but I have never used a Moleskine altough I have received a couple as a gift. I am a fan of those who are brave!


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