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Last year we reported the first project from TMCwe conducted in conjunction with APLI. In that case QR-Codes were printed on the backs of products linking to video demonstrations.

Today we present the first two APLI products based exclusively on QR codes: QR Codes Kit for business cards and QR-Codes Kit for identifiers.

By using software provided on CD, available soon from the internet, APLI offers the ability to customize business cards and badge cards for exhibitions, conferences, etc. including a QR code with the contact information. The user can create individual cards or import an Excel file with data from those attending a conference and build credentials in a simple process.


In a December 2007 post “1 fact + 1 curiosity” and we referred to the interesting part of this application a few years ago we added them to our own business cards.

Companies that once decided to be pioneers using QR-Codes at the time and trust people so “extravagant” as we are now beginning to see the results. Thank you Xavi!

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