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The largest ecommerce in the world amazon.com ebay.com alibaba.com uses QR-Codes a login system for their users.

The access and identity validation process can be performed (and explicitly recommended for being more secure) by capturing a QR-Code.


qr-alibaba qr-alibaba-flow

When requesting access through the QR, a unique code is shown a (valid for 1 munite only) that must be captured from the user App. This way security layers are more and more complex to overcome.

It seems that little by little the QR-Codes are gaining the sympathies of the great players and there are advanced uses that take advantage of the simplicity, versatility and power of the QR codes.

In parallel many of the companies that sell their products on alibaba.com or aliexpress.com publish QR-Codes that link to their stores or directly to products. Navigation and multi-screen interaction is already a reality.

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