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Today is World AIDS Day. In this edition marks 30 years fighting against this epidemic. Throughout this time we’ve seen the epidemic and the efforts undertaken against it evolve.

These 30 years fighting AIDS represent a combined effort, with little precedents, to fight a disease.

There’s not doubt that one of the causes of the efforts undertaken and the resources involved to find a solution are related, apart to epidemic’s dimension, to it’s impact in more developed countries and the fact that has affected all social strata.

In any case, is also true that there are other factors that have facilitated the implication of professionals from different sectors. Some of them could be:

  • Prevention has been, and still is, the best weapon we have against AIDS, and prohibitive policies are not applicable.
  • The need to fight against moral and legal issues related to risk behaviours and stigma.
  • The involvement of public figures and social movements that have given great media coverage
  • The controversy generated by the stubbornness of various sectors.

All these factors combined have led the fight against AIDS further than just health field. They have also facilitated the incorporation of professionals from other fields not usually involved in the fight against diseases. Communication professionals have been one of the most relevant.

Throughout these 30 years, there have been many initiatives communication related. From advertisement campaigns promoting condoms to Hollywood films or radio/tv soap operas.

The need to promote behaviour change, the availability of funds and the involvement of communication professionals, have facilitated the growth and development of communication strategies addressed to social change.

Innovation undertaken in the fight against AIDS has had as a result the development of communication tools specific for social intervention (social marketing, entertainment education…), and also the implementation of traditional communication tools into this field.

Lesson’s learned in this field have also been applied to other social fields (fight against discrimination and stigma, development projects, gender equity…) and nowadays, we can find a mature sector at this level.

Smartphones Apps, community managers, data analysts.. are now frequent elements in social field. Probably there are implementation errors and more could be done. Like in any other field. But good thongs are also being done. Like in any other field.

Talking anout QR codes, we think that they are another element that could be used in communication campaigns. Linking real world with digital, using web analytics in off-line actions, improving conversion, facilitating access to more information in different languages… offer great potential. Like in any other field.

Whether for promotion of an organization (fundrising, recruiting…) or for direct intervention in sensibilization or information campaigns, we are in front of a great tool. In addition, QR codes are a free solution, that could be used by small organizations with not-so-big budgets.

Just as an idea, you can access UNAIDS twitter account from the QR Code shown on top of this post.

Follow them, twit using some of the hashtags shown above or collaborate in some of today’s initiatives.

More than one million people die of AIDS-related deaths every year. It would be better if you collaborate throughout the year, bust at leas for today:


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