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A question we usually receive in lectures and training that we do is the following : “If I generate a QR and someone else generates another with the same link, are the squares of the QR-Codes going to be identical?”.

The answer is YES. If the same parameters, redundancy and version the QR coding will be dentical .

Therefore, we could define the QR-Code, not as a code but as an “alphabet”. Just like the Morse or Braille, the QR-Code is a form of writing .

QR -Codes are used to standardize and facilitate the reading of a text by a machine (scanner , webcam, smartphone, etc. . ) .

Why not OCR ?

One option -which already use some apps- would using OCR and let the camera “read ” the text (eg, URL , business card, etc. . ). Complex case mix of typography, lighting, exposure, colors, etc. . requires a lot of “artificial intelligence” and is not a real option (yet).

One example is that Google Goggles reads QR-Codes smoothly, but has many difficulties in identifying simple products .

QR -Codes dynamic / smart

The campaign management tools generate QR -Codes that link to a URL (usually shortened ) we can redirect . In these cases QR.Codes be different but it does link to the same website .

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