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After 4 years “evangelising” about QR-Codes in Spain we have come to some conclusions we want to share with you today.

It’s being a very a challenging field to work on but it’s been also very interesting for us to see the reactions of people to things they have never seen before and QR-Codes have been the case during this time.

Following reactions apply to most of “new stuff” such as Internet was, Social Media is, Mobile Commerce will be or any other kind of innovation.

We have seen fearful, curious, thrilled, indifferent faces once exposed to QR-Codes and its possibilities. We group them in:

1) PROFESSIONAL – Professional reactions

  • INNOVATIVE PROFESSIONAL – Things are moving fast and changing even faster. It’s time to try things internally and at small scale. Is my organization ready? Is my people ready? How can we take a low-cost try? How can we measure success?
  • CONSERVATIVE PROFESSIONAL – I want to be 100% sure something works before I become a player. I can afford not to be the first to come and I don’t have the need to take the risk. I’d rather wait to see it in the market up and running. Some new thing may appear and this may be going nowhere.
  • COMPETENT PROFESSIONAL – I have to read, think about, talk to my people and decide.

2) NEUTRAL – Neutral reactions

  • ZEN. I don’t know if this is going to work or not. If it does it’s going to kick ass, if it doesn’t this is going anywhere. Who knows? I don’t know. I don’t even know if I am in this room right now. Who are you by the way?
  • BUSY. I’m a very busy person. Do you know what ROI is? I don’t care about Japan! How many cars am I going to sell with this QR thing? (very hard to difference form a moron)

3) UNPROFESSIONAL – Unprofessional reactions

  • DINOS. This is just another fashion. We were here before the internet, google and all this “things” came. The same way they came they will go and we shall prevail. Now I need to take a nap. Zzzzzz…
  • MORON. I don’t deserve to be in this job position and I don’t know what brought me here so let’s keep it all the way it is. Next!
  • INCOMPETENT. I don’t know the difference between a barcode and a QR-Code. I don’t know the difference between an App and a mobile website. I don’t need a Twitter account. I’m a Fu#### Digital Business Developer. I have a meeting”
  •  GURU. People will not use internet in their mobile phones. “I don’t, I will not, they don’t, they will not” (True story)
  • ADVERTISING SALESMAN. I have been my whole life fooling my customers with overpriced ads and non-measurable campaigns. I don’t want them to be able to measure anything. “QR-Codes NO! And remember, we have never had this conversation”

We never thought we would learn so much from so many people just by blogging.

* We could put faces and names to each and every case exposed above, but we want to stay professional 😉

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