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Today Banksy recommend the movie “Exit through gift shop”. Original and inspiring.


Banksy was one of the first know artists that used QR in his artwork. However we do not know if the code found attached next to one of his jobs (a link to his wikipedia entry) was put by him or was the idea of a fan. Neither we know how’s Banksy’s face.


On the other hand, today we read that the release of a Simpson’s episode had special credits designed by Banksy criticizing the decision of the Fox (TV channel broadcasting the series) to sign a contract with a Korean company in order to lower production costs at the expense of labour conditions of workers.

As stated by Guadalupe Ruíz article El País (spanish newspaper)  17/10/2010:

Censorship in the West is going down in history because it is not necessary, such is the futility of the arts to do something against the power that the same power has come to realize that it is easier to say stop than to exercise censorhip. Banksy’s credits are not going to make Fox changes its contract with the Korean company, nor will improve the working conditions of its employees of that company were mobilized, and that viewers stop watching The Simpsons, or the withdrawal of firms that pay the publicity that accompanies the program.

The producers of the Simpsons have been brave enough to bite the hand that feeds them but are they willing to tear it off so it can not sign the checks?.

[iframe_youtube video=”vbJpaxfzGdw”]

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