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Today we went to Corte Inglés (Barcelona Shopping Center) and we played the 1st QR-Kill match in history. Urban game based on cameraphones and the use QR-Codes.

Goals and Description

Before the match starts players are to decide a scenario, a modality and a meeting-point.

Players will stick in their back a QR-Code with his/her telephone and name embedded. They will have to kill each other capturing the code and sending an SMS.

QR-Kill Rules

  1.  A QR with your name and phone (SMS format) will be printed in a 20cm minimum width sheet of white paper. It will be reinforced by a hard cardboard and stuck to the back using american tape.
  2.  The QR must be visible at all times. It cannot be covered by any means, wall, floor, etc…
  3.  Once you receive the deathly SMS you must leave the scenario right away.
  4.  When team playing, members can only communicate by using same phone they use as a weapon.
  5.  Disguising is allowed as along as the QR is visible.
  6.  Unless playing “sniper mode” no extra devices can be used to capture the QR-Codes (E.g. zoom photo cameras, videocams, etc…)
  7.  If there is a conflict deciding who killed first, SMS time will decide (we recommend synchronizing watches before the game starts)
  8.  No one can assist you to kill the enemy with your phone. However you can hire spies, etc…



“There can be only one” (Highlander).
All player compete by themselves. Once everybody but the winner gets to the meeting point they will call the winner and communicate his/her victory.

QR-codes will be printed in different colors (as many as teams) and when there only one team on the scenario they will be communicated.

Sniper mode
Whether playing individual or teams if playing “sniper mode” extra devices can be used to capture the codes.

qrkill2.jpg qrkill1.jpg qrkill3.jpg

Some scenarios

  • Mall (a full-building o single store)
  • Carrefour
  • Park
  • Airport or stations
  • Museums

Elena was the winner of 1st QR-Kill game played in Barcelona, January 22nd 2008qrkill_0.jpg

We wait your comments, photos and videos.

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