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Only when you are too young or too old, you forget your birthday.
Maybe it’s our case because today we’ve realized that we launched qrcode.es blog one year, one month and 19 days ago.

The project had the following main goals :

  1. Researching on QR-Codes and its applications.
  2. Publishing a Blog.
  3. Testing WordPress as a blog publishing tool.

No, we haven’t prepared the cake on the picture, but Magitisa (we don’t have the pleasure of knowing her) really made it, and we’ve thought it was the perfect photo for this occasion.

1. Researching on QR-Codes and its applications. (accomplished)

It’s a new technology, its possibilities and limitations have been discussed on the blog. It is having different growth rhythms depending on the countries, all around the world.

In our opinion, it follows an exponential growing model. It will suddenly launch. Even so, in the last months we’ve been discovering some new and solid applications.

We’ve summed up 43.397 visits from 2.323 different cities (G.A. 7/7/07 – 7/7/08). Most of these places, as was to be expected, are situated in leading countries on technology.

We’ve also met interesting people, QRcodes related, from all over the world and we’ve shared different and great experiences.

Some curious data of this 2008:

2. Publishing a Blog (accomplished)

We achieved our goal: writing one post a week (66 posts) that finally became more ambitious than we thought (ok, there are some posts which are just a video;)

“Menéame effect”. It turned out to be the greatest surprise. When we published the first advertising in the newspaper we were mentioned in the Menéame website (the Spanish version of digg.com) and you can see the effects in the following google graphics: We get just in one day 20% of our visits during a year! (100 visits day average).


We’ve done our best in order to offer the maximum original contents and our own thoughts, although sometimes we didn’t manage to say one coherent per week (we put the blame on a lack of time but it could be also because of neurons scarcity).

Otherwise, the fact of publishing a blog both in English and in Spanish allowed us to gain access to readers all around the world. It’s an extra effort, but we really think it’s worth it.

So, it has been a great experience and our plan is to continue with this blog and we cannot rule out launching another one about a different subject (how daring ignorance is in the blogs era!).

3. Testing WordPress (accomplished)

We’re not going to make a technical analysis about this tool, but our evaluation is really positive. From the moment you install it, you can instantly count on a very powerful blog content management system focused, with constant improvements and really easy to handle.

Before we choose this application as the most appropriate we evaluate different solutions. But, according to our experience, we consider wordpress is the best tool to manage a simple blog, based on contents with not too much programming requirements.

The only handicap we’ve found is related to the languages. The feature for managing the blog in more than one language is not installed by default. We consider it is not so unusual. Even if there is a trend towards internationalizing the projects, and translate your contents could mean increase several times over your audience, we absolutely vote to develop a multilingual WordPress.

Gengo is the plugin we’ve used to manage qrcode.es in two languages, and it has given to us really good results. Even so, we understand it’s just a plugin and it means sometimes “weird things” happened. Considering it solves most of the problems we’ve had, it was the best thing we found.

In order to keep the blog alive we’re going to set new goals to our next birthday::

  • Keeping up the publishing rhythm (just broken on holidays) of 1 post a week.
  • Changing our blog image (theme) to make it more “trendy” and improve the way our contents are shown.
  • Launching our own projects based on this technology. We expect the first one would be running as soon as possible (and hopefully, using Google terms, “monetize it” a little bit).
  • Carrying on being so geeks it’s a recognized human right

And we will repeat (quoting Einstein but telling the truth): “We are not especially clever, but we’re passionately curious”.

Thanks to all of you, for reading qrcode.es, for commenting and for experimenting with us.

Flanagan, Edu, Albert y Elena

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