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This morning we saw a link on Youtube that said “All the experience on your mobile Youtube” and curiosity made us click and… Whoa!1st Youtube QR-Code.


Heavy-usage of videos on mobiles is more than just a trend and the leader has already given the green light.

Highlights of the launch:

  1. Youtube has gone for a mobile Web and not an applicationhow to create a desktop icon using the phone bookmark system.
  2. HTML5 vs  Flash HTML5 based mobile web with an excellent interface, look&feel and usability on smartphones. HTML5 will knock out .flv Flash. THE END
  3. QR-Codes are used on screen to link the mobile browser to the mobile site.

These three items have been matters of discussion and speculation over the past 1-2 years. It seems that common sense has prevailed over particular interests.

Source: youtube.com

From qrcode.es we celebrate in a special way this news for all it implies (specially the triumph of common sense) and we do not doubt that it is just the beginning of a long run of youtube using QRCodes in more sections of their web. For example: help user to promote their own videos on physical supports (fliers, postcards, etc…)  in the real world printing codes. “QR-Code Print for linking to your video.”

Think! Youtube people are smarter than us. If they have made these decisions, why aren’t you using QRCodes yet?

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