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When we give a chat about QR-Codes possibilities we are often asked whether it can be useful to place a QR-Code on screen or not.

Our answer usually is: “Although this is not its main application, there are cases where it makes lots of sense using them on screeen.”. We put Androidzoom as an example because they use QR-Codes to simplify the process of downloading an app.

The case we present you today is disruptive innovation by Toaster LTD on using QR-Codes on screen and in the interaction and UX world.

[iframe_youtube video=”cOJLCga6IRk”]

At Chrome Experiments you can see lots of experiments combining HTML5, Canvas, SVG and WebGL in order to get amazing and innovative results and a new way to interact with your PC via smartphone,

What are you waiting for? Try it yourself from your smartphone ODEM Experiment by Toaster LTD desde tu navegador Chrome y captura el QR.

Although it is am experiment and you are not actually browsing real data, the result and the exprience is awsome. 

The possibilities of the concept are endless  and it is a very powerful asset for interaction, remote control and even the gaming industry.

You can see more experiements at…

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