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In your business card you can print (for the same price as the rest of the content) a QR-Code with your personal information. It would be interesting to embed a vCard file (.vcf) so you can capture and send the data directly to your Outlook, cellphone agenda or other contact management application.
Curiosity: Before you start a business a meeting in Jaoan it’s a ritual to exchange business cards. If they don’t know the job position of the rest of the people they won’t know how to treat them.

The card has to be handed and taken with both hands and read it throughly showing respect and after can be put away. It would be consideres as a rudeness to stick the card in your pocket without having even watched it.

We suppose there’s no need to be so extrem and compulsive as Patrick Bateman in this scene of America Psycho.

[iframe_youtube video=qoIvd3zzu4Y”]

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