QR-Codes go to School

Sectors of activity with less resources often depend on the passion, dedication and imagination of their professionals. The case of education is unfortunately a perfect example.

qr-code education

The versatility of QR-Codes and the low / null cost of implementation make it possible to create simple projects that are very powerful both for teachers and educators.

We share today our pinterest board in which we have compiled some of the best ideas and applications of QR codes in the world of education.
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Join our Whatsapp group scanning this QR-Code

The social dimension of Whatsapp is growing  day after day and it is becoming more than an instant messaging service.

Its usability, the integration with our address book, the mobile-first approach, its gratuity and the total absence of advertising have made the an App worldwide leader.

The “Whatsapp groups” are funneling instant communication and file sharing (photos, audio and video) of our different social environments.

Lifehacker presents an interesting update in this field. From the next version of WhatsApp you may be invited or invite users to a group via a link or QR code.

The process is simple: if you are the administrator of a group you can invite WhatsApp users creating a URL that you can share on social networks, email or creating a QR-Code.

In many scenarios that seek to create a link between the real/physical world and the virtual/digital QR codes are excellent allies.


Scan this QR and you will join a test group named qrcode.es:



WhatsApp in your PC screen scanning a QR-Code

WhatsApp announced yesterday that it will be free for life.

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp from the browser on your PC?

How to do it

1 – Go to http://web.whatsapp.com
2 – You will see a QR on your screen *
3 – Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
4 – Click on the settings icon
5 – Capture your screen QR
6 – Done! You can now use WhatsApp from your PC

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The ultimate QR-Code reader

Since we launched this blog in July 2007 we have followed the evolution of the QR-Codes readers. The lack of compatible readers has been holding the development of 2D codes back as well as the lack of prepared terminals, the price of the mobile internet connection, a lack of culture when installing applications and the mobilization of content (we’ll soon launch a post about these factors and the current situation).>> Continue reading

Kodak using QRs at CES 2011

At CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Association)* Kodak uses QR-Codes as a marketing tool for tradeshows.

We have 11 different QR code experiences throughout our booth that deliver a variety of experiences.

Augmented product information. Some of the codes resolve to web content or videos with detailed examples, specs, and more

Booth activation: QR codes located at the shuttle bus drop-off point steers people to the Kodak booth and provides a chance to win two daily prizes comprised of great bundle of camera, pocket video camera, digital frames and more.

There is also a code that provides a detailed schedule of our “K-Zone.” This is a full set where we host conversations by industry pundits, media, technologists, and subject matter experts.

Engagement: QR codes also connect people to instructions on how to upload their pictures to the Kodak sign in Times Square. And of course there is a QR code that links people to our social efforts.



Kodak was leader 1970s-1990s in image capturing and storing markets. However, like many other big ones, have not been quick enough to align their strategy with new market needs.



In this “re-imagine” process Kodak has recovered the innovative spirit that took them to the top and they start by using QR-Codes. We are sure this is just the beggining and Kodak will rock againg.

¡Good luck!

* The are very interesting conferences at CES2011


VICHY. OPIs withQR-Codes

We are seeing lately in Barcelona the  Liftactiv de Vichy campaign in bus stops and other OPIs.

This campaign uses a QR-Code to link to the mobile site (http://m.liftactiv.es).

It is BY FAR the best campaign we haver seen in Spain. So far we had just seen shy tries, little ads and campaigns and very poor mobile sites. Looks like Vichy is taking it seriously and they have started to work in a channel with lots of future present.>> Continue reading

Infojobs testing QR-Codes

Ever since the launching of the new Infojobs, the leading job portal in Spain is introducing improvements and new products gradually. Earlier this year, we saw their new look & feel and they recently launched their product for local jobsite: Infojobs local

They now want to test QR-Codes (thank you David). This product is published today in its beta version.

The usage is simple. The company that wants to give exposure to its job offer in the off-line world can print a sheet of paper (PDF) with the job offer published on infojobs simply cutting + pasting the URL. This application is particularly useful for companies with storefronts, message boards, etc.

The PDF shows the information and a QR-Code at the bottom of the page links to the sign-up process.

Innovation must be a real a strategy more than a fashion and infojobs is taking it seriously. The leader must be innovative.